• New data points in homepage "Network Summary":
    • Fee estimates (estimatesmartfee) for 1, 6, 144, 1008 blocks
    • Hashrate estimate for 1+7 days
    • New item for 'Chain Rewrite Days', using 7day hashrate
    • New data based on UTXO-set summary. Note that UTXO-set querying is resource intensive and therefore disabled by default to protect slower nodes. Set BTCEXP_SLOW_DEVICE_MODE to false in your .env file to enjoy associated features:
      • UTXO-set size
      • Total coins in circulation
      • Market cap
    • 24-hour network volume (sum of tx outputs). This value is calculated at app launch and refreshed every 30min.
    • Avg block time for current difficulty epoch with estimate of next difficulty adjustment
  • Tweaks to data in blocks lists:
    • Simpler timestamp formatting for easy reading
    • Include "Time-to-Mine" (TTM) for each block (with green/red highlighting for "fast"/"slow" (<5min / >15min) blocks)
    • Display average fee in sat/vB
    • Add total fees
    • Add output volume (if getblockstats rpc call is supported, i.e. 0.17.0+)
    • Show %Full instead of weight/size
  • Block Detail page improvements
    • New data in "Summary" on Block pages (supported for bitcoind v0.17.0+)
      • Outputs total volume
      • Input / Output counts
      • UTXO count change
      • Min / Max tx sizes
    • New "Fees Summary" section (bitcoind v0.17.0+)
      • Fee rate percentiles
      • Fee rates: min, avg, max
      • Fee totals: min, avg, max
    • New "Technical Details" section. Items from "Summary" in previous versions have been moved here. This section is collapsible if desired.
  • Improvements to transaction input/output displays
    • Change primary input data to be tx outpoint ("txid #voutIndex")
    • Zero-indexing for tx inputs/outputs (#173)
    • Labels for transaction input/output types
    • Inputs: when available, show "input address" below tx outpoint
    • Coinbase and OP_RETURN items: show ascii data inline with link to show hex data
  • New tool /block-stats for viewing summarized block data from recent blocks
  • New tool /mining-summary for viewing summarized mining data from recent blocks
  • New tool /block-analysis for analyzing the details of transactions in a block.
    • IMPORTANT: Use of /block-analysis can put heavy memory pressure on this app, depending on the details of the block being analyzed. If your app is crashing, consider setting a higher memory ceiling: node --max_old_space_size=XXX bin/www (where XXX is measured in MB).
  • New tool /difficulty-history showing a graph of the history of all difficulty adjustments
  • Change /mempool-summary to load data via ajax (UX improvement to give feedback while loading large data sets)
  • Zero-indexing for tx index-in-block values
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Versioning for cache keys if using persistent cache (redis)
  • Configurable UI "sub-header" links
  • Start of RPC API versioning support
  • Tweaked styling across site
  • Homepage UI tweaks
    • Remove "Bitcoin Explorer" H1 (it's redundant)
    • Hide the "Date" (timestamp) column for recent blocks (the Age+TTM is more valuable)
  • Updated miner configs
  • Lots of minor bug fixes


  • Fix for unescaped user search query display (#183)
  • More detailed network info on /node-status
  • Updated bootstrap, jquery
  • Disable stacktrace log output by default (#170)
  • Updated miner configs


  • Fix for missing changelog file when installed via npm
  • Updated miner configs


  • Fix startup issues when connecting to a node that's not ready to serve data (e.g. verifying blocks)
  • Homepage header: show exchange rate in selected currency (rather than hardcoded USD)
  • Homepage header: show sat/USD or sat/EUR


  • First-class support for testnet/regtest


  • Fixes related to running bitcoind
  • Updated dependencies
  • Version number in footer
  • /changelog linked in footer


  • Add back map on /peers that was lost with recent bug


  • Add new default blacklist items for some 'hidden' RPCs
  • Print app version info to log on startup
  • Remove LTC site from footer


  • Show spent/unspent status on tx detail pages
  • Show mempool ancestor/descendant txs on tx detail pages
  • Blacklist 'createwallet' by default
  • Show RBF status for unconfirmed txs
  • Faster, more reliable display of /mempool-summary and /unconfirmed-tx pages
  • Fix for persisting arg values in UI on /rpc-browser
  • Misc minor fixes and ux tweaks


  • Pluggable address API supporting different implementations
  • Logging improvements
  • Fix to avoid caching unconfirmed txs
  • Identify destroyed fees
  • Misc minor fixes and ux tweaks


  • Fix for background color on light theme


  • Dark theme
  • Tx rate graph on homepage
  • Improved caching
  • Misc minor fixes and ux tweaks


  • Initial release